Ease of Upfitting

The Ford Transit is built in Kansas City, with 12 upfitters located conveniently within 30 miles of the assembly plant. Plus, Ford incomplete vehicles have a clean CA for quick and easy body installation. There are no add-on parts that need to be removed and reassembled. The upshot? Your vehicle is delivered to the upfitter quickly and completed promptly.

2018 Ford Transit CC-CA
2018 Ford Transit CC-CA

A world of upfit possibilities.

Transit Chassis Cab and Cutaway models provide a wide range of upfit possibilities, from custom cargo delivery and utility applications to ambulance, shuttle and school bus service. Whether you’re an independent small-business owner-operator or the manager of a corporate fleet, it’s all about working productively while taking care of the bottom line.

GVWRs and Payloads

Transit Cutaway/Chassis Cab GVWRs range from 9,000 lbs. (single rear wheel) to 10,360 lbs. (dual rear wheel). Maximum payloads less body weight are 5,990 lbs. (Chassis Cab on 138-in. wheelbase) and 6,020 lbs. (Cutaway on 138-in. wheelbase).

2018 Ford Transit CC-CA